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Olivastri Tommaso


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Emotions of an adventure discovering the authentic soul of a grape variety which, crossing the mesh of time, has reserved us an incredible evolutionary potential. A sensory experience to understand and explore how the ageing period can condition the complexity of this wine, without compromising its vitality but at contrary revealing it.


2019 : a greater acidity characterized this vintage, making the complex structure typical of this grape more toned, fresh and captivating. Compared to the usual combinations, we suggest experimenting with seafood salads, first courses with seafood, raw marinated fish, fish millefeuille.

2018 : a particularly balanced vintage, which characterized the wine for a surprising overall harmony both on an olfactory and gustatory level. This peculiarity of the vintage tends to strengthen in the evolutionary temporal path, allowing combinations with seafood dishes with balanced flavors but rich in taste perceptions: first courses with fish sauce, marinated fish cooked on the grill, fish balls with sauce.

2017 : probably a memorable productive year for the Pecorino grape. An extremely hot and dry year, which in our quality viticulture has enhanced the richness and concentration of the fruit resulting in a wine of cloying aromatic and gustatory complexity. Ageing over time enriches and wonderfully evolves the overall organoleptic profile, requiring for this wine combinations of greater structural complexity: broths and fish soups, stuffed mussels, structured fish dishes, white meats (rabbit, baked chicken), aged cheeses .